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Cullmann Design: My name is Chris Cullmann, I am an Interactive Creative Director & developer that creates websites and applications for advertising agencies. I use XHTML, HTML, CSS and ActionScript to build engaging and creative websites, applications and mobile applications.

I also consult with clients to determine the best way to drive traffic to their websites. Whether the solution is updated mark-up, improved writing, search engine marketing, viral campaigns or the use of social networks, I enjoy working with clients to define their online footprint.

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In 1998 I began my career in advertising as an Associate Art Director with Rosenfield / Dentino, a small direct marketing agency.

My aptitude for technology led to a new position as Web Designer. In this capacity, I worked on several financial client accounts including MasterCard, Citi & American Express.

In the fall of 2003, I began working for Group DCA, an eDetailing and medical education boutique, as Senior Web Developer. In this capacity, I began work on bettering their panel-based recruitment program and reward redemption websites. During my tenure with Group DCA, I worked with in-house back-end developers to create optimized, standards-based websites using XHTML, CSS and Flash.

My current position as Creative Director for Ogilvy CommonHealth allows me to use my background in design and programming to create award winning online campaigns and innovative websites for the largest brands in the pharmaceutical industry. These projects include engaging the healthcare professional and consumer audiences with unique and smart designs and tactics.

I also develop branded solutions for desktop and mobile applications, tablet-based learning tools, and sales aids.

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